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Timber Tech Engineering

Engineering Services Come to Construction Maestro®

Symun Systems, Inc.TM is proud to announce a partnership between Construction Maestro® Post Frame and Garage Estimating software and Timber Tech Engineering. This new partnership will give Construction Maestro® users quick and easy access to engineering services for both post frame and stud frame outbuildings.

Timber Tech Engineering Inc. has offices in Denver, Pennsylvania and Kouts, IN and have engineer certifications available for all 48 contiguous states.

Timothy R. Royer
Timothy R. Royer of the Pennsylvania office is the president and sole owner of Timber Tech Engineering Inc., which he founded in 1990. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 1983 with a B.S. degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Structures Emphasis including Structural Design, Agricultural Structures, Agricultural Systems, Strength of Materials, Heat Transfer, and Mechanical Drafting.
Timber Tech specialize in several areas including:

  • Post-Frame Building
    These design services include the structural design of the foundation, posts, roof systems, and other structural members. Their goal is to provide you with the most economical design that will support and stand against the elements, and other various loads applied to the building.
  • Structural Engineering
    Engineering services include the structural design of building components and complete building systems. They specialize in the design of manufactured wood products such as glue-laminated beams and arches, and "mortise and tenon" timber frames. They also offer structural design of foundation systems, concrete, masonry, and steel design.
  • Agricultural Engineering
    These services include the design of livestock confinement housing, farmstead planning, manure handling systems, ventilation and mechanical design. Today's agricultural building systems must be designed to provide the highest amount of production capable per square foot of building cost. A growing farm business requires planning for each phase of business expansion.
  • Drafting
    To complement thier engineering services, Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. offers a complete computer aided drafting service. This service is also available to do custom drafting for clients who provide their own designs and layouts. Timber Tech's experienced drafters will work with the client to design a building that meets all of their needs.
  • Site Inspections
    Timber Tech likes to add a personal touch to your projects. Their engineers like to get their "hands dirty" and inspect the client's project in progress personally. This allows for the an opportunity to make suggestions and correct mistakes that could be costly to repair and postpone completion of the building.
  • Building Code Review
    Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. provides review of building plans to meet a number of different building codes such as International Building Code, International Residential Code, and the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC). Another building code with which most commercial and industrial buildings are required to comply is the Americans with Disabilities Act, Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities. They will provide a review of your existing or new facility for compliance with any of these regulations.
After creating an estimate, the user simply makes a few clicks and a quote request is initiated from the Construction Maestro® software. Appropriate plans and lists are sent directly to Timber Tech Engineering for review in order to provide a quote back to the user. The user can request a quote for either load calculations or a complete set of sealed drawings. After reviewing the request, Timber Tech will provide the user with a cost estimate for the services requested. The combination of Construction Maestro's® reputation for detailed and accurate plans coupled with Timber Tech Engineering's specialization in post frame design provides users with tremendous value by simplifying the process of receiving engineering services.

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